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Prepare Your Device For Service

Aug. 14, 2023 |  Categories:  How-To  

Preparing Your Device For Service

We at Big Island Tech Service will not snoop on your device for your personal data and will only intentionally access files and folders that are required for service.

Nevertheless, a standard rule in IT is “Trust Nobody”. So it is a good idea to take steps to secure as much of your personal data as possible when submitting your device for service.

Here are a few common sense things you can do for peace of mind. Note: This is not mandatory for service.

• Change your Desktop Background Image and Screensaver if they contain a compromising picture.

• Clear browser data and history

• Do not leave sensitive files lying, especially if they are not encrypted. Example: Having a text file named “Bank Info” in your Desktop or Documents folder.

• Encrypt these files and/or rename and place them in an innocuous folder.

• Do not store passwords or login information in text files, use a password manager, such as KeePassXC. Use a strong password for the password manager.

• Also move or encrypt any personal pictures.

• Be mindful of any Programs you have that may contain important data that is not password protected.

If your computer has crashed and will not boot up, then obviously you cannot do much, that is why it's essential to make sure you're using a trustworthy technician.