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Here are some of the services we provide!

Computer Repair

Broken or unresponsive computer? There is still hope that the device can be fixed, but we must determine how much the repair will cost compared to the price of a new or comparable device. Common fixes include keyboard replacement, new screen, memory, hard drive, and much more. Please contact us and we will help to find out if it's worth it to repair your device.

Antivirus-Malware Removal

Many times, a computer that seems "dead" actually has its hardware in fine condition but the operating system, or software, has been infected with a virus. Common symptoms of malware and viruses include slow performance, new pop-up windows, and unusual behavior. If you think your device has been infected. Please contact us.

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted important documents or precious images? Perhaps you have old files in a broken computer or hard drive. It is still possible that some of the lost data may be restored. We can use various techniques to recover files that would otherwise be lost.

Why choose us?

CompTIA A+ Certified

Certified IT Tech Support and Computer Repair Professionals.

We Respect Your Privacy

Nearly every Website and App connected to the internet collects and tracks as much data as possible about its users. We don't do that here. There are no trackers or cookies on this site and we don't utilize any Google services.

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